Gardenpalooza 2013

Gardenpalooza: That is what I’m calling my insane garden planning in preparation for my best year yet!


I have big plans this year.  This will be my third garden year and I will not be in my third trimester with twins, have 6-12 month old twins, or be giving birth this season!  Yes, I will have a little guy (he’ll be one at the end of June) but with three older kids to help out I think we’ll be fine (although it gives me chills to think about how much MORE I’ll get in the 2014 season).

So here are the plans:

Starting seeds indoors–Peppers (12), Broccoli (6), Marigolds (a ton), Tomatoes (14, 3 varieties), Brussels Sprouts (3 in), Leeks (24), Basil (4, 2 varieties), Squash (6, 5 varieties), Cucumbers (14), Alyssum (a bunch), Morning Glories (a bunch).

Starting  seeds in milk-jug greenhouses outdoors– Spinach, Kale, Brussels Sprouts, Peas, Broccoli, Cilantro, Morning Glory, Nasturtium, Winter Squash, Summer Squash, Marigolds, Lettuce, Beets, Basil, Mint, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Peppers.

Direct sowing outdoors– Peas (3 varieties), Parsnips, Carrots (5 varieties), Garlic (already in), Dill, Chives (already in), Bush Beans (2 varieties), Strawberries (already in), Kale (2-3 varieties), Spinach (2 varieties), Chamomile, Beets (2 varieties), Horseradish, plus anything that didn’t grow in the milk-jug greenhouses if needed.

Strawberries!  I still need some straw to mulch them (apparently strawberries like their roots to be cool PLUS it'll keep the strawberries themselves off the hot dirt).  I wasn't planning on strawberries, which come back year after year, but my Father-in-law struck again and bought us 10 plants!  How can you say no to that?

I’ve never started seeds indoors or in the milk-jugs before so I’m pretty excited and a little nervous.  If it works this year is going to be epic.  My firts year we tilled the ground (22×28 approximately) but were so late in getting things into the ground that I ended up having only two beds (about 3×20 all together) of acutal plants.  The following year we built raised beds.  We now have 4 3×6 beds and 2 4×8 beds (purchased by my FIL) plus 2 2×8 beds and a long 3×20 bed that are not raised.  I plan on framing in the beds not raised (and cutting the long one in half) plus adding another set of 3x9s and a skinny border bed about 1×22.  Mostly I’m just excited that most of the beds are ready to go right now!  This fall we bedded down everything with leaves and I even shredded and turned in a bunch of leaves as compost.  Yay!

What I’m begining to realize with my crazy planning is that I need a lot of space in my basement (I have 3 grow lights but nothing to suspend them or put seedling trays on) and a LOT of milk jugs.  I’ve estimated needing THIRTY milk jugs!  Now, we drink a lot of milk and I started saving a while ago but there is no way I’ll be able to save that many for myself (I have 12 now).  That’s a lot of milk.

I’m planning on creating one post per veggie with info and updates on how my stuff is growing by the end of the season to have available as a resource for next year.  I’m doing so many new things this year I’m very interested to see what works and what doesn’t.


4 responses to “Gardenpalooza 2013

    • Those are my goals too!!! I mean I have the garden now (and the kids without the space for them, lol) but I keep wishing it were twice as big (I have visions of sustaining my family in veggies all year round!). You can grow easily in containers… I’d be happy to share info if you’re interested!

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