Being a Stay At Home Mom is Easy

Life of a stay at home mom is so easy.

It’s 3:30 and today I’ve changed 7 diapers (three poops), fed four kids more than 10 times (babies get hungry), got Punkin to and from school, went grocery shopping (with 3 kids under three), peeled/cut/cored 10lbs of apples, got two 2-year olds to stay in their beds for naptime (not an quick process right now), did three loads of laundry (with more in the machine), made applesauce and dundundundun CANNED said applesauce (first time ever!) plus I have bread rising on the stove almost ready to go into the oven.

Pretty easy.




What did you do today?



(I laughed as I read this in my drafts.  I wrote this back in October, 2012 when Peanut was four months old.  What a difference 8 more months has made!  My life is still pretty insane but at least the girls are mostly potty-trained now…)

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