Canning: Dilled Carrots

My second attempt at canning was both successful and BEAUTIFUL!


My little sister came to visit one cold weekend last October and since she is an avid Farmer’s Marketer we decided to head to the biggest market around, The Coventry Farmer’s Market.  I had just pulled up the last of my rainbow carrots and was looking for a way to store them.  I came across a recipe for Dilled Carrots in Put ’em Up! so off we went to the farmer’s market in search of dill (and other goodies).

We found a single bunch of dill and got home to get to work.  Now, I’ve only ever canned one other time and I was pretty nervous about it.  All the canning books direct you to be very careful with recipes and ingredients when using the water bath canning method (as opposed to using a pressure canner) because improperly canned food can lead to food bourne illness like botulism which totally creeps me out!  I’ve outlined the basic directions here to show you that it’s not as hard as I, at least, thought! 

Step 1: Prep your cans and lids by boiling them.

Step 2: Remove the cans (dumping the water back into the pot as you do) and “cold pack” them with the carrots, dill, onions and garlic.

Step 3: Pour heated white vinegar in the packed jars.  **Helpful hint: don’t stick your face too close to that heated vinegar because MAN that’s quite a whiff, we almost passed out!


Step 4: Cap the jars and then boil them for the prescribed amount of time. **We were only preparing four jars so we used empty jars in between them to keep them upright in the pot.


Step 5: Leave the jars in an undisturbed location for 24 hours and then check for a good seal. 


Canning was fun and I have a lot more confidence now and feel ready to store next summer’s harvest.  I will say, however, that I didn’t love the dilled carrots.  Their taste was good, very dill-pickley, but because they were boiled for 20 minutes they were soft instead of crisp as I’d hoped.  Oh well!  Right now two of the jars are sitting on a shelf in my kitchen looking really pretty.

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