CONNECTICUT Homebirth Info

Here’s my start for this page.  This is not (yet) a complete listing of homebirth options and information in CT.  I’ll be back to format and add/correct  info soon but I know how difficult it is to find info so I wanted to get at least this much out there asap!!!

Last update 8/14/12

Midwives who practice independently:

Kim Cash, CPM Holistic Heart, Willimantic CT, (860) 917-6353

Bea Artz, CPM

Exodus Midwifery Services
11 Burrows Hill Road
Amston, CT 06231
Email –

Cindy Bean

Facebook page

(860) 336-7810

Nancy Farr, CPM out of Amston (Hebron), CT  (860) 742-6911 (office)

Midwives who practice within a practice:

Joni Stone, circle of life midwifery

birth and beyond Madison, CT

Insurance most likely to cover midwife care (pre-natal, birth, post-natal): United Healthcare, Aetna

Midwives are more likely to be covered within a practice.

Is homebirth for you?

4 responses to “CONNECTICUT Homebirth Info

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  3. There are a few errors in numbers and locations in this list. Also noticed Homebirth midwives not on this site, and midwives who are listed that are no longer practicing. If you would like an updated list please email me. Thank you for providing this information so women in Connecticut know their options!

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