I have an addiction…

February 27, 2013 (another old blog I found in my drafts–I’ve got to work on that… it’s still relevant, however, especially in light of the insane garden expansion I did in the months between writing this post and publishing it!)

No, not drugs or alcohol or even caffeine (yay! I finally kicked it!).  Nope, I’m addicted to gardening.

The rush I get from seeing tiny little green things pop out of the soil is amazing.  The rush I got last year from sowing directly in the garden was great but this year I needed something stronger so I got grow lights.  I now have winter lettuce, kale and spinach sprouting in my basement.  I check on them twice daily (or more if I need a quick fix) and I’m positively glowing when I return with the knowledge of another sprout having emerged.  Not to mention the two seed trays germinating on top of my refrigerator. It’s getting ridiculous.

Now, I live in central/Northeastern Connecticut.  I should not be planting ANYTHING yet!  My last frost date ranges from April 15 (wouldnt’ that be nice?) to May 10 depending on the book, website or generous reading of the color coded maps.  I choose to believe my average last frost date is April 29th which means I shouldn’t be planting anything until March 1st and then only peppers and tomatoes!  I have this grand plan to install hoops which will then be covered in plastic over my garden beds.  Have I mentioned some of those garden beds don’t even exist yet?  That’s right, I’m planning to get out there after the snow melts (still have about a stubborn foot left of densely packed snow/ice), rototill, build frames, built up soil AND cover the beds with magic hoops and plastic that will warm my soil faster than nature could allowing me to transplant heat loving plants like tomatoes and peppers a few weeks early.

This snow better melt soon.

I’m extremely nervous abut this garden season because last season had such a disappointing end: I pulled up half the garden because it was infested with various bugs and we got very little harvest because of it!  You’d think that getting a jump on things would be smart but, alas, it’s not.  My addiction won’t let me stop, though.  Instead of putting all my eggs in one basket I will be starting more seedlings at the “appropriate” times in case things don’t germinate or grow well or our frost dates exceed the average by like a month this year.  You never know!

Be careful about starting a garden, my friends, it’s a slippery slope into a yard with no grass, just raised beds, and a life of waiting for that delicious sight of a green leaf unfurling…

and once you start with veggies the logical next step is flowers for the bees… oh, don’t even get me started on my new flower garden!


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