Our Version of a Larabar


Yum.  I had no idea what a Larabar was until I read a post on 100 Days of Real Food about making them homemade.   Apparently they are fairly healthy granola bars (well, they have tons of different flavors and I think calling them a “granola” bar is selling them short).  The blog included recipes so we set off to try them!


We (Punkin and I) chose to make the granola and peanut butter versions.  We followed Lisa’s recipes almost exactly (I snuck a few pumpkin and sesame seeds into the peanut butter version) and discovered we really liked a mix of peanut butter AND granola!  So here is our mashed together recipe:




Pit the dates and then add everything into a food processor and mix the crap out of it.  Okay, it’s late but that’s still basically all you do!  Once it’s mixed up in the processor take it out and pat it down into a sheet.  Cut the sheet into bar shapes and then hand-form each bar to look pretty.  Honestly it doesn’t matter how you form it (you could do snack balls if you wanted!).  They keep out in a covered container or longer in the fridge.

I wrapped mine with small pieces of wax paper so they wouldn’t stick together and the kids like to hold them in the wrapper so their fingers don’t get sticky (since when do they care about that?).


These are the original recipes. You can see the granola (with no peanut butter) are a very different consistency than the peanut butter and granola. But they were all REALLY GOOD!!!

They all would have been gone in a day if I’d let the children (and my husband and myself) eat more than one per day.  As it turned out we made three batches (they are super quick to make) and that lasted less than a week for our family of five (I’m not counting Peanut, he’s not quite ready for granola yet).




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