Real Food Challenge: End of Week 1

Okay… I really meant to keep a log of everything we ate and share it with you but, well, I have four small kids (+2) and we’ve all been sick all week PLUS it was my birthday and Punkin’s birthday this week AND we had an epic blizzard here in Connecticut.  So there are all my excuses.

Now on to some sharing.

Food: We did well!!!  I didn’t go to get fast food at least three times and when my husband asked if he could get fast food (after I’d gone out for a birthday lunch with the girls, apparently he starves when I’m not home) I reminded him we’re trying a challenge and he found other things to eat (yay!).  He did bring home a bag of chips for me on the first day (he’d forgotten about the challenge) and  I will admit (I promise to be completely honest here) that I ate the whole bag before lunch the next day and shared some with Punkin.  At least it wasn’t in the house any more!  We had a couple “cheats” like I made a whole wheat chocolate cake for Punkin’s birthday that included white sugar.  I experimented with frosting and ended up making whip cream (using a little bit of confectioners sugar, probably 2 cups whipping cream to 1/4 cup confectioners sugar) frosting instead of butter cream or using a can of frosting.  Everyone agreed it was DELICIOUS!!!  We also served homemade pizza (BBQ using purchased sauce and cheese with homemade marinara).  We also made Larabars (date bars) and they lasted the whole week.  I made granola three times because it was soooooo good (and we used a bunch making the Larabars) though I did include craisins in some (craisins have added sugar, raisins do not).  I also made a spicy arrabiata sauce with hot sausage which we ate over spaghetti squash (the kids loved spaghetti squash).  There was a day when the whole house was just dying for some french fries so I made some in the oven with sweet potatoes and even made a “grown-up dipping sauce” (that used ketchup and mayonnaise)Homemade whole wheat tortillas also got us through a lot of lunches when paired with some black bean and corn salsa (I’m in love with fresh cilantro, how have I lived over 33 years without realizing that?).


Shopping/Budget: I had a good week shopping, mostly because I spent $350 the previous week (don’t freak out, the weeks prior were $110, $67 and $102.  We’d kind of run out of money!).  I spent less than my budgeted $150 (plus another $50 for household items like toilet paper and the ingredients for making my own laundry detergent).  I am craving summer and the fresh fruits and veggies that are so readily (and cheaply) available in season!  I have BIG plans for the garden next year and even plan to continue my growing season all year either outside in cold frames or inside with grow lights in the basement.  We went through a huge bag of apples and oranges (about 20 of each) plus 10 kiwis, and three bunches of bananas!  That’s what happens when we switch from snacking on crackers/cereal to fruit and veggies.  Although, if I’m being honest, we didn’t eat as many veggies as we should have–getting them prepped is so much more time-consuming than peeling a banana!

Goals for Week 2: On the 100 Days of Real Food website Lisa has created a list of mini-challenges.  One of them is to eat two different kinds of fruit/veggies with every meal.  Last week we were close to doing that but there were meals (and at least one whole day) where we didn’t make it.  I haven’t been too concerned because we’ve been snacking on fruits so much it made up for it (at least a little).

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