Reasons I miss being a Working Mom


I love being a stay at home mom, I really do, but some days I think back longingly on the days I used to pack up and leave this place every morning.  There are just a couple of things that I really miss…

Why I Miss Being a Working Mom

1) Peeing by myself, even if it was super fast between classes it was alone.

2) Eating without fear of someone stealing my food.  Honestly, I feel like a dog, growling at every child who walks by my plate “No, you will NOT get some of my food–you just ate FOUR bowls of cereal!”

3) Driving to work. Alone.  I’ve listened to the Tangled soundtrack at least 50,000 time (“Like all you lovely folks I’ve got a dream!”) and I often find myself singing Yo Gabba Gabba to my husband when we’re trying to get Peanut to sleep, “Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose but it’s all right to try again!”

4) Talking to adults.  Okay, I was a teacher in my former life (5th grade, math and science) so I was with small people for most of my day but I still got an occasional word with adults.  Heck, I even ate lunch with adults most days!

5) Not wiping anyone’s nose or butt other than my own for at least eight hours every day.  No explanation needed here.

6) Having hands that didn’t look like they’d been put through a cheese grater.  #5 would prevent that.  Potty training twins and changing an infant multiple times a day would be plenty but why not toss in another 2-year-old and an extra infant on week days… oh, and don’t forget doing dishes like 40 times per day!  I think I’ve literally started washing my skin away…

7) The drive home. Alone.  Being able to sneak to do an errand quickly before picking the kids up at daycare.  I used to be able to “run in” to stores.  I barely remember what that is anymore (buckling and unbuckling 4 to 6 carseats is WAAAAAAAY too much work for, well, anything other than a multi-million dollar winning lottery ticket cash-in).

8) Shifting gears from one activity to another.  I used to have before school, class, then another class, then lunch, then a planning period (even if it was hectic and filled with meetings), then class, then after school time, then the blissful drive home… then family time. Some days here it feels like I’m stuck in first gear all. day. long.

9) Snack dishes. Lunch dishes. Snack dishes. Crumbs… If I don’t let them eat in the living room how is it that the baby STILL finds crumbs to nibble on?

10) Having a real reason to shower every day and wear real pants. I just can’t find the motivation unless I’ve got someone coming over to visit and then it’s still a crap-shoot on the pants situation.

11) The paycheck.

If I had the chance tomorrow to trade it all in and head back to work?


I’ll pee alone when they’re away at college (and I’ll probably feel super lonely doing it!).

Who would want to miss out on moments like these?

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