This came across my facebook page through my younger sister (this is her friend’s blog) and I felt it was too important NOT to repost! The post is about making marriage between same-sex couples legal in Maine but it’s about so much more than that.
When voting this November think long and hard before you vote to deny anyone rights. There are so many more ramifications than just not allowing same-sex couples to have a piece of paper that says they’re married. Think about what you’re voting for and then think again–laws have implications and consequences far beyond the main issue. Allowing same-sex couples to be legally married ENSURES solid families and strong homes for children. It’s about so much more than filing taxes jointly or checking of the “married” box on official documents. It’s about LEGAL rights as a family. Even if this is not the issue on your ballot in a few weeks make sure you’re really voting for what you think you’re voting for. Know the issues before you arbitrarily vote “No” because you don’t like the idea or personally wouldn’t choose to do something.

Thank you, that is all.

Waiting For That Rocket

This morning I had a very real world, tangible reminder of what’s at stake with Maine’s Question 1 this November.

This is the baby of two of my friends, Erin and Jill. These two have been a part of my life since I graduated college. They were in a monogamous, committed relationship for years before I met them and – in 2010 – exchanged vows. In the subsequent time, Erin and Jill decided that they should pass along their beautiful and smart genes to the next generation. This is what hundreds of married couples go through. Every. Day. It’s the progression of things in today’s society.

Unfortunately, while I was planning on meeting up with Erin AND Jill (and the petite bébé) this morning, only Erin was able to make it.* As the wee little one slept, curled into my neck, Erin explained where Jill was.

Jill had to be…

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