Bucket List: 2013

I find myself saying, “Next year/summer/month will be so much fun because [enter child’s name here] will be older/bigger/able to walk,” all the time.  Although I’m trying to live each day in the moment (so much easier now that the twins can walk and talk!) I am still putting things off.

I think I say (and think) that “later will be better” far too often!  When I was pregnant with the twins it was because I wanted them out and my body back to its normal functioning state.  Then I had newborn twins, then they couldn’t walk/stand/sit, then they started crawling everywhere but couldn’t walk yet, then they started eating everything in sight, then they could walk but went in different directions (plus I was pregnant again).  I mean the first two years of the twins’ life was pretty insane (keep in mind their 2nd birthday was just over 2 weeks ago!) but I hate that I keep wishing it away.  So, instead of risking spending the next year of their life spouting the same silly sentence I’m going to make a list of the things we’ve been putting off while the twins learned to be little humans and then DO them in 2013!

1) Go camping.  The whole family, two nights, hiking, campfires, the works.

2) Go to the beach and actually swim.  Standing guard knee-deep in the water while the kids romp between me and the shore just doesn’t cut it.

3) Go to the Renaissance Faire.  Christian has been going to the Pennsylvania Renaissance fair for 15 years (in a row!) and I started going with him when we started dating.  I’ve had to sit the last two (three if you count this one, he’s going next month) years out because of the twins.  Peanut will still be young next year but hopefully we can get him to nap in the stroller cause I don’t want to have to take him back to the B&B for naptime OR have a crazy cranky baby all afternoon.

4) Go on MANY nature walks.  We went on one in March during the super hot spell and Punkin loved it but the girls ended up darting off in different directions (and when walking alongside a river it can be quite traumatizing for Mama) and basically not enjoying nature at all!  We’ve been on one since Peanut was born and it was a little chaotic… So Spring of 2013 commences hard-core naturing!

5) Ride bikes.  I bought a bike trailer at a consignment sale this past Spring but we never got around to buying bikes to pull it!  Granted I was pregnant all Spring and I’m pretty sure Peanut is still too little to ride in a bike seat (stupid floppy neck) but next Spring and Summer none of those excuses will fly!

6) Lose weight.  Okay, that actually did happen in the first year after the twins because I was so thinly stretched!  I’m having a harder time losing weight after Peanut (why can’t I nurse twins without having to deal with twins?) and I want to get into a workout routine, even if it’s just taking walks on a regular basis.

7) Become a Breastfeeding Counselor. Application has been submitted and I’m just waiting on the interview for the process to begin!

8) Actually garden all season.  This year everything was planted and growing beautifully until the bugs attacked in July and I just didn’t have the time or energy to really deal with them properly.

9) Go out on a date with  my husband WITHOUT worrying about the kids at home.  That’ll be one for when Peanut isn’t nursing every few hours, but a few months more and we’ll be golden!

10) Go for a girls night out… more than once in a six month period! Enough said.


2 responses to “Bucket List: 2013

  1. #6…start zumba w/ me on sat. mornings in nov.. it’s at grossi’s dance academy at 8am for $10.
    #10…anytime you want, i’ll go and grab food and drinks 🙂

    • and this is why I love Kristyn!!!
      hmmm… zumba sounds sweaty and hard but that’s probably what I need! you might have convinced me I totally need a buddy for that sort of thing!

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