Parent Play: Best Dad Ever

Punkin and Daddy with the original “babies” back when Punkin was two!

Things I never thought I’d hear my husband say…

Stuffing balls under his shirt and the girls’ shirts “Wait wait, we’ll have a triple birth!”  and then, as  Twinkle Toes finally pushed her “baby” out, “Oh, looks like Twinkles had the longest labor!”

I love my husband.  I love that he can pretend with the girls however they want to pretend.  As insane as it might be to see a grown man shoving stuffed balls under his shirt and then grunt and strain as he pulls it back out it’s actually the most perfect parenting I can imagine.  The girls are interested in birth because their mother just gave birth (even though it was at home the twins were not present at the time so they didn’t actually witness their younger brother entering this world).  We’ve watched Business of Being Born recently when they did get to see babies entering the world and take their first breath.  Should my husband brush aside their silly games because it’s kinda weird (hello, he’s a man, with no uterus to speak of) for him to pretend to be pregnant?  Of course not!  They want to pretend and act out something that has touched their lives and our job as parents is to encourage this kind of play, to encourage them to explore their world (safely) through play.

I love, I mean really love, that my husband embraces this part of fatherhood with both arms open.  I know the kids will grow up loving it too.  Man, my kids are so lucky.

Me too.

Silliest Dad = Best Dad

Drinking “coffee” with Dad (it’s hot chocolate)

Skin time with Peanut, just a few minutes after he was born.


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