Roasted Squash Seeds

Punkin with some pumpkins back in 2009 (look at those chubby cheeks!)

I LOVE roasted pumpkin seeds.  It was the only reason I carved pumpkins some years (and some years I just hollowed them out and never carved a face, just to get the seeds!).  For years now I’ve waited until October to enjoy this delicious (and healthy) treat–but no longer!

I’m a fan of winter squash although I didn’t really know about them until I had kids and started making baby food. Acorn squash (which I grew last year in abundance), spaghetti squash (awesome as a pasta substitute, it looks like spaghetti when cooked!), and butternut squash are my favorites.  In the past I’ve always halved the squash and then hollowed them out with a spoon, tossing the seeds and “gunk” out.  I’ve gazed longingly at the seeds but for some (stupid) reason I’ve never tried to roast them.  Well, this weekend that all changed.

I bought some butternut squash at the grocery store without any real plans for it so it sat for a week on my counter (love that winter squash can do that) before I decided to roast it as a compliment to my roasted chicken.  As I cut them open I decided I could no longer let the healthy seeds go to waste.

The gunk (after seeds were removed)

Step 1: cut the squash and scoop out the “gunk” and seeds, deposit in a strainer (or bowl, but I prefer strainer).


Step 2: separate gunk from seeds.  I run the water over the seeds in the strainer and the gunk kinda floats up.  It takes a little while but it’s important to keep only the seeds.

Step 3: drain seeds and spread them out on a baking sheet.Step 4: sprinkle salt evenly over the seeds.  I used a pinch, less than a teaspoon.  It depends on your personal tastes.

I put them in with the roasting squash–why waste oven space and heat!

Step 4: cook for 5-10 minutes at about 400.  I’m a very vague cook, I apologize, but I promise it’ll work out.  Cook until the seeds are just starting to brown.  If you wait too long thay will be too dry so keep an eye on them!

Step 5: Enjoy!  I got about a half cup from two moderate sized butternut squash.  If you can resist eating them all at once close up the leftovers in an airtight container or bag.

Just another super cute punkin picture for you to enjoy.

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