Sticky, Sticky Stickers

I made a fabulous discovery in my basement last week–STICKERS!!! I was an elementary school teacher for 10 years BT (before twins) and amassed an obscene amount of reward stickers.  Also, I used to collect stickers as a child and YES I’m enough of a hoarder that I still have some (the special shiny and fuzzy ones… it’s still hard for me to let them go!).  As I was lamenting the fact that my daughters and I can’t color with crayons (because they eat crayons like they’re made of heroine infused chocolate)  the lightbulb flashed on and I bounded off to the basement.  Miraculously, I found the plastic drawer I was looking for that was filled to the brim with stickers!  I brought them upstairs and bestowed them upon my waiting offspring. 

Punkin has a small collection of stickers he’s used to add to birthday cards (we always try to make our own to go with our gifts) but this day we decided to go all out.  I folded some paper into cards and let them go to town.  For the girls (at 23 months) just the act of peeling a small sticker off a sheet is great fine motor development, so is placing those stickers sticky-side down on the paper.  Eventually I gave them markers as well (cool “kid” ones that have rounded ends instead of pointy–they can’t bite the tips off!) and Twinkles, especially, loved drawing circles on each tiny sticker in turn.

Tips: Peel the in-between sticky paper off of the sheet so the stickers are easier to get off.  Give the kids strips of stickers (not a whole sheet) and show them how to fold the paper to get the stickers to peel off easily.


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