Pour, Dump, Repeat

The splashpad, the edges spray water up into it–fun!

Summer is a fun time to be outside in the water but when you’ve got two active toddlers, a 4-year old and a newborn pools can get a little tricky.  Water safety is serious and I discovered this summer that there are too many times I need ot run inside for something or my attention is pulled away from the water for more than a few seconds for me to feel comfortable having a pool out regularly.  I bought a splash pad at the begining of the season which only holds an inch of water (yes, I’m aware that’s enough to drown in) which is fun but there’s only so much running and splashing you can do without getting bored and getting into trouble. 

So one morning the lightbulb went on and I started gathering all the sand buckets and cups as well as bowls and play pots and pans from Punkin’s kitchen and I brought them outside.  I filled them all up and let the kids go to town.  I put the hose on trickle and let them take turns filling the bowls and cups with it.  They spent over an hour filling and dumping and pouring one cup into another with minimal drinking of the actual water (though since it wasn’t water their diaper butts had been sitting in when they did drink it I didn’t care!).

Awesome fun, minimal effort.

Lining containers up on the picnic table and filling up buckets in the water table.

It was a spur of the moment idea and they weren’t really dressed for how wet they got, I think Punkin had not even gotten dressed for the day yet!

**This same idea can be used indoors either in the bathtub or, if you have the space, in a kiddie pool (the pool is to catch spills, not to pour water directly into) but I’d only attempt that with older children (Punkin would be okay with it but not the girls… never the girls…).

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