Organic Garden Helpers

Mexican Bean Beetle larva. Yuck.

I’ve been frustrated with my garden and the pests that are in danger of overtaking it so at night (usually while “tied” to my little Peanut) I’ve been researching and planning how to make next year’s garden better and easier to manage.  I will update this list as I learn more about organic gardening!

This information is by no means exhaustive, nor is it foolproof.  These are just options for organic gardening to make your garden a haven for predators and to deter pests.  I’m hoping that by using some of these ideas next year I’ll be able to keep the pests in check within the time limits I’ll still have.

Cool Tips I’ve Learned:

Many pests dislike the smell of coffee grounds, spread them around your plants (they also make great compost) to deter pest bugs.

Buy beneficial bugs like ladybugs at a gardening store.  Make sure you’ve created a good-bug haven first so they’ll stick around!

Build a toad “house” to encourage a toad to live in your garden.

Stink bugs–pretty but ANNOYING and EVERYWHERE!!!

Plants and the Pests They Repel:

Thyme–cabbage moths (which have been eating my brussels sprouts)

Sage–cabbage moths, carrot flies

Nasturtium–squash buggs, white flies

Borage–tomato hornworms

*Mint–cabbage moths, chipmunks

*Horseradish–bean beetles (man I wish I’d known about this earlier, my husband would have been so excited–he loves horse radish!)

Onions/Garlic–many bugs don’t like the smell

Marigolds–aphids, colorado potato beetle, white flies

Rosemary–carrot flies, cabbage moths

*these plants need to be kept in pots because they spread everywhere and will overtake your garden beds if planted in the ground!

Plants and the Beneficial Bugs They Attract:

Morning Glory–ladybugs

Goldenrod–ladybugs, assassin beetles




Pinky racing to the garden–she loves “Mommy’s Garden”!

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