Real Food Challenge Near Disaster!

Okay, my title is a little dramatic, disaster is a strong word but we did have some trouble yesterday.

When you start any kind of “challenge” like this you’re attempting to break habits that are well entrenched in your life.  I knew that eating better was going to be hard and not eating any processed food would be inconvenient but we have yet to get a completely processed-food-free day!  Monday I forgot to get quinoa cooking early enough and had to substitute couscous (processed wheat flour) then Tuesday we were rushed again at dinner and ended up with pasta (most of it whole wheat but not without tons of additives) and that’s what my husband and I have had for lunch the last two days as well.

Yesterday (day 3) was a crazy day with the kids.  My FB status was ” It’s an ‘I-want-to-poke-my-own-eyes-out-I’m-so-frustrated’ kind of day” and dinner time was pretty chaotic.  I’d made pizzas again for lunch because we were out of bread and I haven’t been shopping this week (went on Friday to Trader Joe’s and Saturday to the farmer’s market) so no PB/J sandwiches for us!  I did make bread in the breadmaker yesterday afternoon and it turned out really well (so well it’s almost completely gone 24 hours later).  Last night I’d planned to do leftovers and my husband and I stared at the hot dogs in the fridge almost longingly as an idea of what to feed the kids.  They ended up with pasta (again) and leftover pizza from lunch.  Wow, great meal there, huh?  Breakfast this morning was equally dismal.  In addition to the day being insane yesterday the night was HORRIBLE.  We’ve been battling with bedtime since the girls climbed out of their cribs a month ago.  Twinkle Toes is still in a toddler bed but we’ve put Pinky back in a crib with a crib-tent over to keep her in.  Pinky has no trouble getting to sleep but Twinkle Toes can’t help but dance her way out of bed over and over and over…  We’ve tried a lot of things but we’re really at the end of our ropes.  It doesn’t help that this started when Peanut was 2 weeks old and I’m busy feeding him every evening!  Anyway, the point is we woke up this morning late (no time to cook pancakes or eggs) and I fed them peanut butter toast for breakfast.  They barely ate and were very hungry halfway through our playdate at a friend’s house this morning (don’t worry, I remembered to pack food–pb/j again and cucumber slices!).  Ugh.

The disaster was that last night–DAY THREE–I was fantasizing about my husband picking up burgers from our local restaurant on the way home from work.  Him bringing home food has become tied up in a stressful day.  That and chocolate.  I wanted him to bring home either Oreos or a McDonald’s hot fudge sundae.  I actually was talking myself into going ahead and doing it because we were so far into our challenge… until I realized we hadn’t even completed day three.


I am having a really hard time without take-out food for THREE DAYS!  Wow.  I thought about what that says about me (I like fries and the simplicity of not making my own food) and what that says about how much we’ve been eating out lately (way too much, I blame it on the end of pregnancy/having a newborn… but it’s still insane) and what that has done to our finances (we didn’t have the money yesterday to eat out even if I had caved!).

So, I think this challenge is a really good thing.  Christian keeps talking about this movie Bologna Head (I think) and how this guy eats a ton of fast food but loses weight and lowers his cholesterol because he made good eating choices at these places.  The idea is “We’re adults, we can make responsible decisions.” Well, obviously even though I’m an adult I CAN’T make responsible decisions where food/finances are concerned.  I’m really trying to buckle down on this challenge (seven more days) but I’m facing a weekend with my husband gone (he’s already admitted he thinks the challenge will go down the drain for him while camping with the guys) and four hungry kids to feed multiple times a day alone.

Change is hard, I’m not giving up now but I need to get myself ORGANIZED in order to make it through the next seven days without resorting to my chicken nuggets in the freezer or (gasp!) ordering a pizza to be delivered hot to my door. But I have faith that if I can make it through the next week I’ll be well on my way to breaking many bad food habits.  I will probably retake the 10-day challenge again and then I might–just might!!!–be ready to commit to the 100 day challenge.

Wish me luck!

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