I missed my garden

I was only gone over the weekend but I missed you, Garden! 

The girls and I went out while the lawn was still dripping with dew and rain to see how our bunnies were doing.

I returned to find the garden well soaked thanks to the same storm that sent us running to our cars out of an amusement park in New Hampshire on Sunday night.  The bunnies were gone and I’m relieved because as cute as they were I was feeling like I needed to take some action!  Only a few carrot tops and a couple of tomatoes suffered.  I’m hoping if I reinforce my fence where I think Mama was getting in they will not return to finish the job!

The rest of the garden was holding its own.  The pumpkins have started to “orange” up a big (the bugs have really gotten to all my hollow stemmed squash so I wasn’t sure they’d even survive!) although they’re not very big.  I think I may try again next year… we’ll see how these turn out in the end.

My toes for size reference. There are only two others in addition to this one and you can see the dead leaves and vines. I’m just not “farmer-y” enough to pick out the vine borers to kill them!

The second planting of corn has put up it’s flowers and the first planting has silk popping out everywhere even though the ears themselves are still very small.


We’re gonna need a bigger basket…

I don’t have a lot of variety in my garden this year.  I attempted beets and haven’t harvested a single one (out of two plantings–I think the bunnies may have eaten the newest seedlings though), the cucumbers are only just now starting to fruit and the different beans I have are actually pretty hard to tell apart and we haven’t even gotten close to harvesting the Vermont Cranberry dry beans!  So basically I’ve got tomatoes, green beans and lettuce coming to fruit because the zucchini were pulled up last week (the bugs and powdery mildew were too much for me!), the two types of peas have come and gone, and the corn, carrots, parsnips, cucumbers and brussel sprouts aren’t ready to harvest yet.  The chives are just too tiny to do anything with this year and I haven’t even planted my kale yet! 

That’s a lot of salad!

Here’s a third planting of corn and a second planting of summer lettuce we started on a whim.  I’m not sure if it’s really too late for either of them but I have the seeds so why not?  If it works we’ll have awesome corn late in the season and lettuce to tide us over until the winter lettuce mix has emerged.  The kids helped me plant these and we had a great time which was a big part of the reason to plant 🙂

Next year there will be much expansion… oh yes, much MUCH expansion! 

Anything interesting you’ve planted that is producing this year? 

Anything cool you plan to plant for next year?

2 responses to “I missed my garden

    • Sometimes I miss it when I’m home, gazing out the window but stuck inside (or just outside of the garden) because of the kids. Ah well, the kids will get older and next year will be even more garden-spectacular!

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