The Garden After the Storm

My bunnies are still there and wiggling around in their dry nest even after all the rain. Their eyes are still closed so that means they are less than 10 days old!

I really love taking pictures of my garden.  I need to get a better camera and some photo software sometime in the near future in order to really showcase what I’m seeing.  I took pictures tonight with my husband’s Droid phone and they looked AMAZING on his phone!!!  I transferred them to the computer and the color just isn’t the same.  I took the pictures after a series of cold rains we’ve gotten over the last two days and it was finally clearing up so the evening sunlight was cutting across the yard giving just enough light to really catch in each raindrop clinging to the fruit and leaves.  I just hope that the computer can do them justice! 


Punkin is helping me to show how tall the corn is. The stuff he’s standing in front of is 3 weeks ahead of the stuff on the right side of the picture. Yay corn!

I originally just wanted to take pictures of the corn  because it’s begun to flower!  I’ve never seen corn growing (I’ve seen it grown but and as seeds, not the middle stages) and was surprised to see these tassel like things coming out of the center of my cornstalks.


My cherry tomatoes are falling from the tomato cages like waterfalls of fruit! 

My “ugly” tomato

a beautiful quartet


A Punkin in the carrots

A little guy I found on my carrots, who is he?



Kentucky Wonder pole beans

Bean blossoms are beautiful (and alliterative!)

Vermont Cranberry dry beans


I love my lettuce mix!

A gorgeous medley of lettuce

Other Growing Things

Chives. So little right now but I hope by next year they’ll be ready to participate in the kitchen.

Pumpkins, I hope they manage to survive the onslaught of vine borers because I’m not quite to the gardening level that I can pick caterpillar like bugs out of vines and kill them… maybe next year.

Punkin got a free green pepper plant seedling when we did a kids day at Home Depot and it’s flowering!

Cucumbers climbing the trellis.

Zucchini still holding their own against the vine borers and squash bugs (though I did pick off a bunch of the beetles from the leaves yesterday)

4 responses to “The Garden After the Storm

  1. Everything looks beautiful! Those cranberry beans are huge! Anna from down the street always took her squash blossoms and made the most delicious stuffed blossoms! She use the mixture for her stuffed grape leaves and they were so delicate and good! I have that recipe of you want it.

  2. GGPA loved Kentucky pole beans. Big enough to get a good meal from a handful. Stink bugs are sometimes eaten accidentally on berries, blue, read.
    Love your garden, by expression on Dean he is also, so proud.

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