I’m a Gardener, Not A Farmer–and the bunnies are thankful

A crop of bunnies

This is what I grow in my garden—> a crop of bunnies!

Okay so I’ve never claimed to be a farmer, I’m quite content calling myself a gardener–a novice gardener!  I pulled up the remains of my pea plants today (in preparation to chop and mix back into one of my empty garden beds).  I took out my PVC pipe trellis and began to take out the grass clipping-newspaper mulch I’d laid down under half the plants.  I pulled up over half the mulch and discovered  a lot of fuzz… I pulled a little more off and found a nest of four small bunnies!

The bed (you can see the post holes where the PVC pipe trellis was) and there is my harvest of bunnies…

My husband asked what I was going to do, after all bunnies eat gardens!  Apparently my fence wasn’t very effective although I’ve only found two small unexplained holes in the garden and no missing leaves so they haven’t been eating anything… yet.  So he wanted to know what I would do.  I suggested moving the whole nest (digging up a chunk of dirt under and around them) and “transplanting” them.  He didn’t think they’d survive the move.  Honestly I dont’ know if they’ll survive the removal of their cover!

So, I should have removed them, I know, but I love bunnies. A farmer would have removed them, but I’m not quite there yet.  I set spiders free. I had a hard time killing the beetles that were eating my zucchini plants by flicking them into a cup of water two days ago I don’t think killing bunnies (or even sentencing them to death) is really within my grasp.  However, if (okay, WHEN) they start eating my veggies I’m gonna be pretty pissed, no matter how cute they are!

This is what the mulch I laid down looked like, a nice safe place for a bunny nest!

So what would you do?  I’m thinking my plan is to wait a week (they didn’t have their eyes open that I could see but they were fully furred and looked pretty close to being able to go out on their own) and then transfer them to the wood pile behind my yard.  Am I too soft?  Probably, and my plants may pay the price.

So much for fertilizing that bed and building a frame on that bed today!


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