Twins… out of the crib

It’s happened: they got out.  I went upstairs two nights ago when I heard crying from the girls’ room and there they were, standing in the doorway.  The room behind them was torn up; lamps askew, clothes strewn about the room…  and the girls looking so tired and pathetic amidst the destruction.

Bring on the Big Girl beds.

I never planned on taking the twins out of their cribs.  NEVER.  I joked that they’d still be in there when they went to kindergarten.  Punkin was in a twin mattress on the floor by 18 months but he is such a bizarre kid that he never even got off the bed without us!  It was like there was an invisible barrier at the edge of the bed and it was glorious.

First night of freedom

The night I found the girls we pulled the mattresses out of their cribs and placed them on the floor together. They cried when we left them and we had to put them back into their beds a few times but they were asleep within about a half hour.  They were really exhausted from all that room destruction and crying!

The next day was ridiculous.  I had to take my newborn son (2 weeks old!) to the hospital for an x-ray (he’s fine, it was precautionary) and I had to leave by 10:30am.  My sister and mother-in-law were going to watch the kids and put them down for their naps.  Oh dear.  Nap time is always harder than bedtime for other people to take over and this one was going to be a doozy.  I set out to rearrange the room.  Twinkle Toes’ crib is a convertible.  It was SUPER easy to change from a crib to a toddler bed!  Man, do I wish we’d had two of those.  Pinky’s crib was a hand-me-down from a friend.  A beautiful, ridiculously heavy and difficult to assemble/disassemble piece of recalled crap (it’s a drop-side crib).  I managed to get it pulled apart, bring the pieces downstairs and the twin mattresses upstairs WHILE watching Peanut (I did have to take a couple of nursing breaks!).  Thankfully my older sister was visiting and took the big kids outside while I did all this.

After Peanut’s appointment we came home to find Pinky almost asleep in the toddler bed and grandma snuggling with Twinkle Toes in the twin bed.  She was refusing to sleep.  I went in to deal with things and it was a total mess.  Turns out that Twinkles really wanted her crib back (converted into a toddler bed) but she’s not as verbal as her sister and couldn’t TELL us that, I had to figure it out from her running to the corner where the crib stands and refusing to leave.  After a bunch of shuffling around and trying to get them to fall asleep together in the crib we finally ended with Twinkles in the crib and Pinky in the twin bed.  Pinky did NOT want to stay in her bed so I sat at one end and kept putting her back when she tried to crawl out.  After an hour Twinkles was asleep but Pinky was NOT.  A half hour after regular nap time was over I gave up and took her downstairs.

Bedtime arrived early that day and I had high hopes it would end quickly.  No luck.  Twinkles was really good about staying in her bed (though she stood and sang for a long time) so Christian and I took turns sitting on Pinky’s bed and keeping her in it.  After an hour Pinky gave up and fell asleep.  I left Twinkle Toes awake in her bed.  She cried when I left but didn’t get up.  I went back in to check on her once or twice and she fell asleep pretty soon after.


Today was Day 2 of the new beds and it was still pretty rocky.  I managed to get them both to sleep at naptime in one hour.  I brought in Chris’ phone so I could browse the internet while I wrestled Pinky.  After about 45 minutes of wrestling I stopped trying to keep her on the bed and began to keep her laying down.  She did not like it (every time she stood up I laid her down again) but she was soooooo tired!  She literally was forcing herself to stay awake.  After only a few minutes of that she finally fell asleep. Bedtime took an hour and a half, longer than the first night.  I kept telling myself, “It’ll get better… it’ll get better…”  By reminding myself that it won’t be like this every night forever I was able to stay calm and cool.  The girls tried to fool me multiple times by looking like they were both going to fall asleep then popping back up again for a few moments of foolishness.  I really hope that they’ll get the hang of staying in their beds and relaxing soon–and when I say “them” I mean Pinky! 

As an interesting side note waiting in there for the girls to fall asleep while my newborn baby needed to be fed (Christian and I swapped out multiple times for this reason, he’s not as good at staying calm as I am) reminded me forcefully of when I used to put Dean to bed while the newborn twins were waiting to be fed.  I almost didn’t believe my own memory.  Multiple nights a week when Christian worked late I had to put Dean (then 2) to bed while taking care of the twins.   Usually someone was crying (not always me) and I was always working under pressure.  It’s very difficult to remain calm and reassuring for the older child when you’re just waiting for one of the twins to go off like a ticking bomb. I certainly don’t miss those moments!!!

but they were awfully cute back then!


6 responses to “Twins… out of the crib

  1. Ugh, we had a terrible time transitioning to a toddler bed, and it was for the same reason as you—he managed to climb out of the crib. Those were some tough days for us and am so glad he now happily sleeps in his bed.

    And look at me venting about *one* child with no siblings; I don’t know how you do it with four! And twins, too!

    • I have to admit something–Pinky is BACK in a crib!!! I haven’t blogged about that yet but things are MUCH better. Her sister is in a toddler bed still but she only gets up once or twice before settling. If Pinky starts climbing out again we’re putting a crib tent on… she’s just not READY for it! But MAN what a pain (and I think it’ll be a pain later on when she is finally more ready).

      My first son seriously spoiled me because everthing just was so eeeeeeeeasy!

    • Twins love other twins (and so to mamas of twins!) Are you and your twin identical or fraternal? My girls are so completely different I sometimes forget I was pregnant with them at the same time, I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way! They certainly tire me out though… seriously, the new baby is nothing compared to the girls!

      • My sister and I are identical twins. We grew up with a couple sets of fraternal twins. It was interesting to see their differences. My sister and I are so much the same in every single way! You always have someone that understands you. 🙂

        You definitely must keep very busy with all of your little ones! 🙂

  2. haha, yes, BUSY (some days I like to substite “insane” for busy). They make me laugh and I love that I’m home with them even when they’re driving me nuts so it’s really the best situation ever!

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