Out and About, Post 40 Weeks

Up at 4:00 am… again.

It’s been a bizarre week, full of outings and drama (stupid hormones).  I’m officially 40 weeks 3 days pregnant now and even though I’m keeping busy and trying not to think about it, I’m ready.

I was thinking back to the last weeks when I was pregnant with my first.  I was teaching 5th grade and my substitute started working when I was 39 weeks “just in case” and we got to overlap for the last 2 weeks I worked.  After getting her all settled I remember just walking and walking and walking.  I ran errands for other teachers, made ten thousand copies (getting my sub all ready for the rest of the year!) and smiled.  I felt great!   I ended up finishing work at 41 weeks and still sat home for another week twiddling my thumbs waiting for my little Punkin to arrive.

At the end of my second pregnancy (with twins) it was about the same scenario except I was scary huge!  People would stop me in the hallway and gawk saying, “Why are you HERE????”  What can I say?  I’d felt crappy all summer but those first (and last) two weeks of school were fabulous!  I walked and walked and walked again, smiling the whole time.

Now at the end of my third pregnancy I’m pooped.  I guess being at work, with a substitute as a teammate to assist in the physical aspects of teaching and managing 20 kids made pregnancy ridiculously easy.  This time I’m alone all day with a 4-year-old who is mostly great but when he’s off he’s OFF (like I carry him screaming to his room for time out some days… yes, I said CARRY his heavy body, limbs flailing!) and I’m home with the twins who are 21 months old and act like it.  Yesterday Pinky hit me multiple times (she was tired), Twinkle Toes spilled my entire giant-sized lemonade on the couch (something I have yet to properly deal with), and all three of them yelled, hit, and screamed at each other and me at some point during the day.  All in a days work…

So, I’m ready.

But in the mean time we’ve been getting out.  If we did NOT get out I’d have gone crazy (case in point: Tuesday we stayed in so I could clean and at one point all four of us were crying in separate rooms at the same time).  I have friends who keep telling me to stay home, just sit outside and let them play (it’s in the 90s here today which for CT is HOT, I’m too pregnant to be outside for too long without cooling agents 🙂 ) or, even crazier, to stay inside and let them watch TV all day so I can “relax”.  My son would, the girls would not… they only last one show if they’re tired, after that they start playing and then start acting up: not so relaxing.  Luckily I have an amazing friend who is up for all kinds of outings and acts as my hands and legs when I can’t move fast enough to catch or stop one of the girls so here’s what we’ve done this week:

Saturday: Strawberry Festival

My favorite part is the awesome tag sale they have where I picked up some baby-doll stuff and another stethoscope because for some reason the girls LOVE listening to my belly (and any belly that wanders their way!). Oh, and the strawberry shortcake is pretty awesome too!

Pinky is listening to my belly

Twinkles is waiting patiently for her turn

Twinkles is listening to Dog-Dog’s belly

CHEESE!!!! Yum, that strawberry shortcake was delicious!

and then back home for some “hanging out”

Where did that bug go???

Monday: The farm with friends

Twinkle Toes wasn’t too sure about the chickens

Off to see the cows

Punkin liked looking but wasn’t ready to touch

Baby cows! Now that he could manage

Off to the big pasture… Pinky and Twinkles are always trailing behind

A couple of cows came over to check us out

A rare sibling shot where they’re all looking the same direction (almost)

Tuesday: Staying home

Which equalled disaster.  We did have a friend with two boys come over and pause our disaster for a while but it wasn’t a good day… hence, no pictures!

Wednesday: Swimming at the pond

With my friend again we took our 9 children all five and under (some daycare kids) to the pond successfully!  It wouldn’t have been as much fun alone (I did get to sit for a bit while she manned the water!)

Twinkles was not too sure about the water at first

Pinky jumped right in

What IS this awesome stuff???

Twinkles spent some time helping the “baby” (also 1 year-old) dig in the sand

My friend and I took turns helping the girls “swim”. Twinkle Toes LOVED it!

Twinkles and Pinky

I didn’t get any good pictures of Punkin because he was having sooooo much fun swimming!


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