Filling the moments until Baby Day!

I’m not a patient person.  There is no hiding it.  I should revise that: I am not a patient person when the “end” is a vague time ahead of me that could be now or weeks from now… hence the  end of this pregnancy is getting me a bit antsy.

(For reference: I’m 39 weeks 4 days pregnant today!)

I was induced for both of my previous pregnancies.  The first because I was 42 weeks pregnant and the second because I was 38 weeks pregnant with twins and was worried the doctors would give me a c-section if I waited and the girls got much bigger (even though I don’t love my choice it worked out for the best as my second baby turned breech and I completely lucked out that the doctor who delivered was trained and comfortable in breech deliveries!).  Anyway, the point is I’ve never “gone into labor” at least not naturally.  I know what labor feels like, I certainly know what contractions feel like (Braxton Hicks contractions have been my “friend” from 30 weeks with my first, 18 weeks with my second and about 17 weeks with this one–and they’ve gotten strong, long, and REALLY uncomfortable!).    But I don’t know what it feels like when my body is ready to deliver a baby into the world.  So, what do I do?  Examine every single “symptom” and wonder “COULD THIS BE IT?” just like a first time mom.

Luckily I have faith (though it’s going to be tested as I sail past my due date still pregnant) that my body will know what to do when it is time.  This belief makes me roll my eyes at people who keep telling me to eat spicy foods, eat pineapple, have sex, take a long walk or a bumpy car ride.  The baby will not come, no matter what I do, until they are ready!  I tried all those things with my first to no avail, he just was too comfy in there.  Unfortunately the world acts like 42 weeks is the most insane time to give birth instead of JUST AS NORMAL as 38 weeks (average gestation is 38-42 weeks, not 38-40!).  Whatever my baby needs I’ll give him or her but I just wish I KNEW how long that’d be!  I could wait 2 more weeks no problem if I just KNEW.

So, I’m filling my days.  I figure if I make plans the baby may be tempted to ruin them!  So, this week’s agenda was: Drs appt for one of the twins (it’s an event), nature walk with Punkin and a bunch of his school friends on Tuesday (it was more of a nature amble which was fine with me), a mall adventure (the play area was closed) with all the kids and a close friend and her kids (we walked the whole mall–scavenger hunt for the kids!), Thursday was a “home” day so I shopped with the kids then came home and reorganized/cleaned the back hall which still had a ton of winter stuff strewn about, and today we hosted a playdate in our back yard for some of Punkin’s school friends.  This weekend is filled with a strawberry festival at Great-Grandma’s church and then letting Dad take it easy for Father’s Day.

Why sit still and wonder, right?  At least most of my gardening is done, I’ve been mocked endlessly (and good-naturedly) about the amount of work I’ve done out there heavily pregnant but it’s good for me!  With three small kids at home it’s not like I’d be sitting on the couch putting my feet up anyway, might as well be productive!  And it’s not like I’ll be pregnant all summer (I didn’t start the garden until the summer AFTER I was pregnant with the twins).  So, I’m tired (in a good way) and feeling ready but not giving myself too much time to dwell on it.  After all, as my midwife pointed out–I should keep the baby in to keep seeing her every week for our girl-chat-time.  I love my appointments!

Okay, enough rambling!  Next week I only have Thursday and Friday planned—what else can we do during the beginning of the week?


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