Laying down to enjoy my garden

I’m 38 weeks and 3 days pregnant (but who is counting) so gardening is an athletic event for me at this point.  Thank goodness for the raised beds!  We finally got the broken raised bed frame fixed so I was able to get the dirt back where it belonged and plant the last of my seeds (well, I have a ton more seeds but I planted what I wanted to for now).   After I put in the cucumbers, tons of bush beans. more carrots, and a 2nd planting of corn I had to sit down for a while in the dirt.  What a view!

Weeding and planting are work and while your working you sometimes forget to LOOK around you.  So, as I sat there, catching my breath, listening to the kids playing in the sandbox not too far off I looked around.  I really love being so close to the freshly turned earth and the baby bright green leaves of new plants.  I saw the bugs flitting around (not my favorite things but in that moment even they were beautiful) and drops of night rain still clinging to a few leaves.  I swore I could see the tendrils of the pea plants reaching up to the trellis to be closer to the sun.  So, naturally, I heaved myself up and got my camera so I could capture these moments.

freshly planted corn rows

Bush beans, less than a week out of the ground

The peas are climbing fast

tiny little carrots with still only their seed leaves

Rocks are my main markers for where one planting ends and the next begins

and just as a little extra I’m including pictures of the entire garden now that we have the final raised bed box fixed.  I’m quite proud of how my big-little garden has turned out–I can’t wait to see what it looks like in another MONTH!!!!

The entire garden at a glance (the “real” gate is coming… one of these days)

my latest bed and attempt to reclaim those 5 tomato plants that were left unplanted for weeks (they were looking for a new home but somehow kept getting forgotten!). I think they might actually pull through with a couple days of good sun!

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