Weekly Meal Plans: Week 2, 4/9 – 4/15

So, last week I did pretty well sticking to my plans although I ended up needing to cook LESS than I’d planned!   We managed to have more leftovers than planned (and I froze a meat pie plus 2 meals worth of BBQ pork).  Also, my sister came to stay and she just loves to buy us dinner when she’s around so that took care of one (delicious) meal!

On to the plans for this week…

Monday: I made Lentil Soup with a recipe I meant to follow but ended up completely making up on my own because of too little and too much of certain ingredients.  Still tasted awesome–even my husband (not a soup person) loved it!  I was lucky enough to end up with a ham bone from our family Easter meal and tossed that and some ham chunks in for a similar flavor to pea soup.

Tuesday: I came into some windfall money (emergency babysitting for the past 2 days) and I graciously gave it to my husband whose birthday is TODAY!  He decided, in turn, that he’d spend some of it on dinner tonight so no cooking!  Which in the end may not be a great thing because we have leftover pizza (yesterday’s lunch also bought by my generous sister), leftover lentil soup, leftover ham, and leftover quinoa salad from Easter.  AH!

Wednesday: Stir fry with tofu and chicken.  A rollover from last week that I never ended up making.  This one is so simple to postpone because the tofu lasts for a long time unopened and the chicken is already cubed but frozen and I use a frozen stir fry veggie mix!

Thursday: I’m going to have four extra kids hanging around Thursday afternoon so I’m going to go SIMPLE here: PASTA.  Two of the “extras” will be hanging around for dinner too so this seemed like the simplest crowd pleaser.  Luckily my carb avoiding husband will be able to have his choice of delicious and healthy leftovers!

Friday: leftovers… seriously we have to empty the fridge!  I’m worried the quinoa salad may not last this long and vow I’ll be eating it for lunches this week too.

Saturday: Another rollover from last week, roasted chicken with roasted veggies (potatoes, butternut squash and carrots). It’s pushing it a bit for the potatoes and squash to stay in peak condition this long (2 weeks) but of all the veggies in my house they have the longest shelf life.  I’m going to be able to plan next week’s recipes with leftover chicken!

Sunday: Probably leftovers.  I’m leaving Sunday up in the air for now, I always have the meat pie (tourtiere) and the BBQ pork from last week happily waiting in the freezer!


As I made my plan I realized I have a HUGE amount of lettuce in my fridge that hasn’t been used that is going to spoil very soon along with fresh tomatoes I bought last week and apples that I’m working very hard to eat for snacks.  I think for a while I have to buy smaller amounts of my fresh veggies (those were Sam’s Club BULK purchases) at least until I’ve proven that I won’t skip out on the side dishes I plan with them.  As it is I bought about 8 peppers (red/yellow/green) today and don’t have an official plan for them.  They will be chopped for snacks!!! My husband will eat them if I just cut them in half and core them… strange man.


Now, after all this food talk I think I”m going to go have some of that leftover pizza… all it takes is a little discussion of food to make this pregnant lady HUNGRY! (oh, did I mention I gained four lbs in the 2 weeks since my last appt??? Maybe all this eating well isn’t as good for me as I thought… or, if I’m being honest, maybe it’s just the box of ring dings and Easter candy I ate last week.  Could be either, right? Ha!)

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