Vegetarian Tourtiere–For Julie

My vegetarian sister requested the full veggie version of the tourtiere.  I have not actually made this and got it from an old article in the Times Record (in Brunswick, ME my hometown) the comments I’ve made are in italics.  This is a recipe I used in combination with a meat version to create my meat & mushroom tourtiere from week 1 of my meal planning.

Vegetarian Tourtiere

1 cup sunflower seeds, ground (or 1/2 cup sunflower seeds ground or blenderized and 1/2 cup walnuts ground or blenderized)  **love the word blenderized!

1 1/2 cups bread crumbs, medium consistency

2-plus cups mashed, but still chunky boiled potatoes

1 tsp. dry rosemary (or one fresh sprig)

2-3 Tbsp. olive oil

12 oz. chopped white button mushrooms

1 large onion chopped

1-2 tsp allspice

1/2 tsp ground clove

Directions: Saute olive oil, mushrooms, onion, allspice and clove.  Then mix all the ingredients and let them sit.  The filling should be stiff.  The key to flavoring is allspice(something I’d never tried in a meat pie and agree completely that it is the KEY!) Add more, especially if you measure the potatoes generously.

Line a deep pie plate with one crust.  Place the filling in the shell, packing it down firmly.  Mound up the center of the pie and smooth with a spoon.  Lay the top crust over and trim.  Cut small slits at the edges.  Decorate the pie with fluer-de-lys cut from scraps of crust (now you KNOW it’s a French Canadian recipe). Bake at 350 degrees until golden brown, 40-45 minutes.

My thoughts: If I were going to make this at my house I’d have to make major changes because the amount of breadcrumbs and potatoes make it an unnacceptable choice for a diabetic.  I’d probably double the mushrooms add in carrots, halve the potatoes (or more) and probably not use bread crumbs at all.  I also really like the spice combo I used for my meat pie (Julie, that probably means you will too since it’s close to what Dad used to make).  I also used baby bella and white mushrooms and the bellas gave a great, almost meaty flavor (which is why I love bella mushrooms so much!).  I might also add some black beans, something I was considering with my mushroom & meat pie anyway.  I might even precook them to give them a squishier (like that technical word?) consistency to help hold the pie together.  That being said I really REALLY should have taken a picture of my pie.  The filling does fall out of the crust to some extent, it doesn’t hold together like a cheesecake or something.  Don’t worry, that in NO WAY detracts from the delicousness!

Guess what we’re having for dinner again tonight (and that’s just the first pie, the 2nd is waiting in my freezer for a day when I just cannot get the motivation to cook!).

If you make this (or any othe recipe I post) I’d really love to hear your comments and suggestions or any changes you made.  I’m always looking to expand my cooking horizons (otherwise it’s back to pizza and McDonalds…AH!).


3 responses to “Vegetarian Tourtiere–For Julie

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    • Mushrooms are the gateway to vegetarianism 🙂 they give the heft and feeling of meat without being meat in many recipes (that’s what my husband tells me anyway!). I use them in place of meat a lot and the flavor in this recipe is just FABULOUS!

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