Tourtiere recipe from week 1 of meal planning

From my Week 1 of Meal planning!

Everyone is healthy (knock on wood)! Which gave me an interruption free naptime to get the kitchen somewhat organized and get cooking.  As part of my meal planning/focused grocery shopping/budgeting adventure I’ve decided to write down the recipes I like to make instead of just winging it every time.  I don’t generally need recipes but it’s nice to look at something and say “Oh ya, THAT’S how I did that last time!” especially when you say, “Next time I should…”  I’m actually going to write it down and then DO it!  I’ve already organized the recipes I had crammed in a binder and am beginning to add my own.  This is what I made tonight:

Tourtiere (aka Meat Pie) a la Mia

I used an article that my mom cut out from our local Maine paper years ago about different Tourtiere styles and combined what I usually do and what the vegetarian recipe said.  I love my all meat pie but it seems like way too much meat and that is expensive!  This combo is MUCH better tasting and much better for your body and budget.

I’m giving you the “modified” version of what I should have done (I decided halfway through to double the recipe so I’ve changed the amounts of the first half of the ingredients to match the 2nd half).  I really enjoy double cooking and this meal freezes REALLY well. If you don’t like doubling (maybe you dont’ have freezer space or you’re not really sure if you’ll like it) feel free to approximately halve the recipe.  It’s all approximate!


1.5 lbs Ground beef or pork (or a mix like the “meatloaf mix” they sell at Stop ‘n’ Shop)

30-40 oz of mushrooms chunky-diced (I used half baby bella half white).  The original veggie recipe called for 12 oz, I used probably 24 (my giant packages were 24 oz) and I wished there were a lot more once I double the recipe.

2-3 carrots finely diced (I like them to “disappear” into the pie unlike the mushrooms which I like to feel when I bite into them)

2 onions finely chopped (another disappearing veggie because my son and husband don’t like onions)

1 cup frozen or fresh chopped spinach–optional (I forgot it this time and I’m betting my husband was happy, he doesn’t like when I sneak spinach in but it pretty much disappears and it’s SO GOOD FOR YOU!)

3 tsp minced garlic or more depending on taste, I kept this recipe pretty mild (I use the jarred kind because I haven’t been good at keeping fresh on hand)

1/2 tsp garlic powder (or just add more minced garlic, this goes in the meat)

1 tsp allspice (this I got from the veggie recipe, never used it in meat pie before and I had a moment of fear when I first added it but it blends perfectly and is AWESOME–won’t make another meat pie without it!)

1/4 tsp black pepper or more to taste (have I mentioned I didn’t actually measure any of these ingredients when I cooked this recipe tonight?  Use your judgement)

1-2 tsp of salt–optional (I did not add salt to my recipe tonight but I needed to add it when I ate it, Dean and my husband did not so use your own discretion… it is easier to add on the plate than it is to take away)

1/4 cup broth (you could just use water instead, I had it in the fridge so I used chicken broth tonight)

2 packages store-bought pie crust (each comes with 2 crusts)

Directions: Saute onions and mushrooms at high heat with a little bit of oil (I used Olive Oil) for a few minutes.  Add carrots (and spinach) and all spices except 1/2 tsp garlic powder and broth and reduce heat to medium.  Cook for about 10 minutes or until carrots are tender.  Set aside.

Brown meat (in the same pan) and drain.  Add veggie mix and stir together for a few minutes on medium heat.

I like to let the mixture cool before adding it to my pie crust but you don’t have to.  I have found the bottom crust gets a little soggy if you add the filling hot.  The filling would be very easy to make the night before and keep in a bowl in the fridge too.  I also like to let my pie crusts warm up (from the refrigerator or freezer) so they don’t crack when I unroll them.

Line a pie plate with a pie crust.  Fill with approximately half the meat/veggie mixture.  Top with the other pie crust.  Repeat.  Cook for 30 minutes at 400.  If you plan on freezing one cover one pie with tinfoil for at least half the cooking time (this preserves the crust from browning too much so when you reheat in the oven–straight from freezer at 350 for 45 minutes, about half the time covered with tinfoil–it won’t be over brown).

Remove from oven and serve immediately or after 15 minutes cooling.  Try to save some for leftovers, it heats up really well in the microwave too!


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