My pregnant-with-twins workout regime

I thought you’d all get a kick out of this.  I wrote this 2 years ago while almost 8 months pregnant with the twins when someone on my Mama chat board asked what our daily workout regime was.  I thought I was hilarious 🙂

I thought of it today as I was laying in bed, nearing 7 months pregnant (with just one baby) and I realized for the umpteenth time how EASY this pregnancy has been in general but how INSANELY easy it has been when compared with the twins’ pregnancy!!!

And, as with the posts on my other blog from the first year of the twins’ existence outside the womb, I make a joke out of it all because dealing with it as a serious reality was just too depressing.  I enjoyed reading this again now because this baby and my body have really treated me well this time around… though I may have to write another on my daily workout routine about wrangling the twins while pregnant…

(cut and pasted from the Mama forum)

For reference my “Coach” (aka Punkin) was a couple of months away from 2 1/2 years old when I wrote this.

My Workout Regime

Postby Mia on Sat Jul 17, 2010 1:16 am

I already posted this on another thread but I just think my workout is too good to go unnoticed by most of you.  It is yielding the most miraculous results!!!!!!
I thought I’d give you my workout routine for the day. If you do choose to follow it, it might be wise to get a doctors permission first (ALS is NOTHING compared to this!).
5:30am-6:30 Get up from bed by rolling onto your side then lifting your entire body weight with just your arms, the “levitation maneuver”. Slowly (it increases resistance) walk down the stairs. Eat a light breakfast while checking Mama board (finger dexterity). Then make your way, slowly again, back upstairs and lower yourself back into bed using just your arms again.
6:30-7:00 Increase muscle tone in your back and arms by practicing the “stiff arm” move. Create a protective cage around your middle with your arms and keep your arms tense! Punkin likes to help me with this one by testing the boundaries of my cage while flailing around the bed.
7:00-8:00 repeat the “slow stair” exercise and proceed to the next. I call it “kitchen twist”. Stand at a counter and twist from the hips. I like to get a meal made during this exercise. You can even include a couple “fridge squats” during this portion of the workout. You may be able to do some preliminary “couch crunches” during this time as well–but don’t rush to include it all too soon!
8:00-9:00 This is a really intense portion of the workout. You’ll be doing what I call “couch crunches” and “floor heaves”. You’ll need a large, heavy object (if you are not already 8 months pregnant with twins a weighted ball will work beautifully) for these exercises. Secure the weight to your mid-section and proceed to sit down (using your arms not your overworked abs!) and get up from a seated position (like a couch). Punkin enjoys helping me here as well and encourages me to do a lot of repetitions of this one disguised as requests for more milk and the like. The “floor heaves” are even trickier. With your weight still securely fastened you’ll need to lower yourself to the ground. Remember you can’t bend too far forward (the weight is in the way) so you’ll really be using your legs and arms and you’ll have to move slowly (increasing resistance again!). Punkin really pushes me through this portion of the workout pretending he can’t do things on the floor then needs something I can only reach by standing up, what a great coach he makes! This is also a great time to try a few “long stretches” as you sit, firmly planted in one spot, reach for things that are just out of your reach–remember you can’t crush the weight at your midriff!
9:00-10:00 Shower. Do another “slow stair” walk up then down (really go slowly on the way down) to retrieve your towels and then take a cold shower. Remember to place a fan in the doorway, after all the work you’ve done so far you wouldn’t want to pass out from overheating!!!
10:00-11:30 I like to call this portion of the workout “Outing madness” because you’ll be getting such a great workout in such a focused amount of time–and the trick is never to let anyone else know you’re working as hard as you can! Practice some more “long stretches” reaching in to buckle/unbuckle your child from the middle seat. You’ll also be doing a great arm strengthener called “bucket seats”. You’ll use only your leg and arm muscles to lower yourself down into your car’s bucket seat. Make sure to include a sideways slide maneuver so you end up directly in the middle of the seat, if you miss the middle you may have to get out and try the exercise again. When you’ve reached your location you’ll reverse this maneuver. If your location is a store then you’ll get to do the arm/back exercise I like to call “hover baby”. In this exercise you’ll lift a 30lb (or more) weight from the ground. Make sure to hold your back muscles tight during the lift. Then you’ll hold this weight away from your body around your eye level for about 30-60 seconds then lower it into a cart. Punkin loves helping with this one. He pretends he can’t quite find the right holes for his feet in the cart so I’ll really get the maximum benefit from the exercise (on a side note my doctor actually told me that this exercise may be too strenuous and I should cut it out of my routine). Now, you’ll slowly increase the weight of your cart by adding various items to it. Push with your back and legs! Turning adds an arm element to this portion too. It is very helpful if you make multiple turns, forgetting items and returning to aisles previously visited is a really great way to challenge yourself here. For an added challenge to this excercise make sure to go to a store where the carts and all the items to purchase are super-sized.  It adds super fun… Don’t forget the bending and lifting that is about to come. This is called “item conveyor belt”, bend at the waist and lift repeatedly. When you return home from “outing madness” (making sure to repeat the “bucket seat” and “long stretch” moves) you’ll need to do more bending and lifting as you bring your purchases inside. Depending on the type of outing you may even get to complete some more “fridge squats”!
11:30-12:30 Here we’ll repeat the “kitchen twists”, “fridge squats”, and probably a handful of “couch crunches”. Enjoy!
12:30-1:00 It’s time to return to the stairs. This time you’ll take the “slow stairs” to an even new level of slow, about half the speed you were using before. Punkin is a great helper here too holding my hand to prevent me from going too fast. The slower you go the more resistance you’re providing for your muscles!
1:00-4:00 “meditation time”. During meditation time you’ll be doing the “roll maneuver”. Lay on your side on a soft flat area (such as a bed). Place a pillow between your knees. Now, every 15 minutes or so complete the “roll maneuver”: tighten your knees around your pillow and bring them to an upright position, tighten your abdominal muscles and slowly pull the rest of your body so you’re laying on your back. It is IMPERATIVE that you tighten your muscles as you do this or you’ll drag your “weight” behind you causing possible injury. Do not stay on your back for more than 5 seconds or the “weight” will crush your lungs and various blood vessels and you’ll pass out. Continue the roll to the other side all the while keeping your knees tight around your pillow! Repeat no more than 50 times (once you do, meditation time is over so try and space it out).
4:00-5:00 here we repeat the “couch crunches” and “floor heaves”
5:00-6:00 back to the “kitchen twists” and “fridge squats” these should be done at much higher repetitions during this hour.
6:00-7:00 You may be able to take a short break here but most likely you’ll be doing more “couch crunches” and “floor heaves”.
7:00-7:30 prepare for the ultra-slow “slow stair” by gathering anything you may need for the remainder of the day (you don’t want to repeat this exercise again after 7:00). You’ll be able to practice many “long stretches” during this time (Punkin helps by running all over the bed as I get him changed). And we’ll add in the “book hold” where you really work your arm muscles by holding a book up at eye level for a length of time. Punkin is a tough taskmaster, always reminding me when I’ve let the book slip a little.
7:30 for the next 10 hours you’ll be working solely on the “roll maneuver” with some “Levitation maneuvers” thrown in.
Believe it or not I do this exact routine almost every single day!!!!

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