Hello world!

I’ve moved!!! It was pointed out to me by my brilliant sister (Tonia, I have many brilliant sisters) that using “emiliasplayground” as my blog and potential daycare name weren’t good ideas.  Since I’m using “Emilia’s Playground” as the legal name for my new crafting business I’m going to shift my personal stuff over here and keep emiliasplayground.wordpress.com as a “work” site.  Not sure how I”m going to shift the blogs or if I’ll just start fresh (I might just have to cut and repaste some because I want them to be searchable!)

I started the blog in the first place to share my Twinsperiences (hahaha I just coined a new word!) with the world.  Having twins a year ago (as of yesterday) has changed my world almost 100%… much more than I expected and I just NEED to share that experience!  Twin mamas unite!

Oh, and I know it’s been a really long time but the blogs are there, wiating in my mind (and sometimes jotted down in various places) but the crafting end of my life has taken over a bit.  Gotta make money somehow–I am home for the year for those of you who don’t know and the lack of paycheck is hitting us HARD.  I’m trying not to panic.
I miss you Blog World, I vow to be back soon!


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